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Using AI and Automation for Advantage

At a recent meeting of The Presidents Forum, the members once again delved into AI and automation and explored how their companies could harness its potential benefits. The overarching question on everyone’s mind was, “How do we get started?” One member highlighted a promising solution: Microsoft’s Power Automate tool, a user-friendly, low-code platform designed for workflow automation. The product offers a seamless way to automate repetitive or manual tasks, including data entry, report generation, and appointment scheduling. By implementing this technology, businesses can significantly enhance efficiency, minimize human error, and free their teams to focus on more strategic and value-added endeavors.

During the meeting, we were treated to a quick demonstration on the member’s laptop, showcasing this powerful tool’s effortless utilization. The experience highlighted that every participant could quickly return to their respective offices and begin automating various mundane tasks. Such gatherings consistently reinforce the notion that technology need not be a source of frustration or exasperation. Instead, it can be a valuable asset, empowering businesses to streamline operations and drive productivity.

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