Major Technology Initiatives

At a recent meeting of The Presidents Forum, Bill Blum, Alpine Business Systems, talked about the IT convention he attended in CA. The catch-phrase there of the major technology initiatives was BASIC for: Blockchain, A.I., Security, Internet of Things, and Cloud. Initiatives we should all know more about.

Blum also discussed Microsoft’s new collaboration platform – Microsoft Teams. This allows users to collaborate with group chat, online meetings, calling, web conferencing or files with built-in Office 365. Blum’s team has been working with clients on this platform with a great deal of success. The members all agreed on the need for better collaboration and asked Blum to give more detail at a future meeting.

Technology is both complicated and complex and frequent roundtable discussions are held as The Presidents Forum members search for solutions for their businesses. We thank Bill Blum for his informative technology review.

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